what we do

bohème Curation sources vintage and ethically-made pieces for you and your home. A focus on high quality designs and natural materials, to offer you effortless yet elevated sustainable style,

with each item handpicked by myself, Leanna

I curate these collections to the bohème style. Each vintage piece is researched, sourced, repaired & laundered to give it a new lease of life so that it is ready to be re:loved by you. The new items here, including the bohème Basics range and our jewellery collaboration with April March, are trusted for their ethical & sustainability practices

meet the founder


For me, bohème Curation came as a natural progression from my blog, bohème Tea, which was born from my passion for the search of a slow and ethical way of living. It pairs so perfectly with my love of simple, yet beautiful aesthetics, especially when it comes to fashion. I discovered quite a few years back that vintage and secondhand shopping could afford me quality made pieces without the price-tag or environmental implications of buying new. bohème is my way of sharing my slow fashion journey


Like so many of us, I am horrified by the impact of fast fashion on both the people and the planet, and in fact the fashion industry as a whole. I aim to do something to help lessen the effects of the industry by being a part of the evolving narrative of circular fashion and sustainability


I curate with longevity in mind, pieces that will last because of their quality and timeless design - choosing only pieces that I truly adore, for you to love for years to come. The pieces you find here are a reflection of my style and ethos, favouring smaller brands & natural materials


Coming up to almost one year, bohème has grown beyond anything I could have imagined and your support means the absolute world to me, thank you!

With love

Leanna xx


our ethos

bohème Curation is at it's core a service that aims to be as ethical, sustainable and transparent as possible. We care deeply about the well-being of our planet and all people on it. We want our customers to be free to shop with peace of mind, knowing that there are no hidden costs


10% of Bohème Curation profits are donated to Choose Love, Help Refugees Ltd. who provide emergency humanitarian aid and long term solutions in Calais, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Serbia and the UK (read more about them and their wonderful work below). We also hold raffles via Instagram in which you can win an item donated by Bohème with all proceeds going to a designated charity


All packaging is either recyclable, reusable or compostable - or a combination of the 3!

Shipping is predominately reserved for within the UK to reduce the carbon footprint of each piece.  For orders outside of the UK a small charge will be added to the shipping cost, which will go towards planting a tree, Bohème will pay the remainder of the donation. [If any items are sourced from outside of the UK, Bohème will offset the increased footprint.]



Purchasing is via consignment, private sale and researched thrifting. We focus on repairs and restorations as much as possible


Any brands whose products we provide on their behalf {new items} are checked and trusted by Bohème as ethical and sustainable businesses


Bohème promises to remain aware of the evolving conversations regarding ethical and sustainable trading, making changes where necessary and possible. Above all we promise to be as transparent about our practices as we can


choose love

Help Refugees

We help where the need is greatest.

We are pioneering a new movement in humanitarian aid: fast, flexible, and transparent.

We get your funds to the people who need them most as quickly as possible. 89% of your donations go directly towards supporting refugees.

– We are among the most efficient refugee charities in Europe
– We’ve had thousands of volunteers
– We’re funded by people like you
– We don’t have any highly paid executives
– We provide vital aid to people fleeing war, persecution and climate change

Help Refugees Website