Benefits of choosing vintage & secondhand


Thrifting is the triple threat habit that can be financially, environmentally and stylistically beneficial. So whether you want to save some cash decking out your home, be more of a conscious fashion consumer or just love the hunt for a one-of-a-kind vintage steal, second-hand shopping comes in at the top of the list.

Discounted designer pieces

Coming across a brand that is usually out of your price range and being able to afford it - yay! One of things that makes designer brands desirable is the quality, so you can often find them in great condition and expect them to last for a long time if you take good care of them

A wardrobe as unique as you are

I can't count how many times I have seen other people wearing the same design as I own, and that awkward moment when you're wearing it at the time and make eye contact in the coffee shop queue ... so much less likely to happen while you're curating your thrifted style

The endless options

You can expect the same items to be hanging in the big branded stores for a few months, and then moved to the back into the sale section for the next. Thrift and charity shops are constantly receiving donations and rotating their items, so you'll likely find an array of different styles on each visit

Nostalgia central

An unexpected perk is the variety of pop culture mementos scattered across the stores, leaf through the books, scan the DVDs and CDs for a walk down memory lane ...

& 'new' trends

As fast as they come and go, we seemed to run out of actual new trends a few decades ago and now they're just on some sort of infinite loop. Some trends in 2020 that you'll probably find in your local thrift or charity shops - polaroid cameras, bumbags, anything 70s related, slip dresses and waistcoats. You get the discounted price AND the coveted badge of cool for toting an original piece

Intergenerational bridge

Most shops cater to a specific demographic, but you'll find that you can thrift just as happily with your grandma or your kids, there really is something for everyone in these little treasure troves! Speaking of little ones, they grow SO FAST that they barely have a chance to break in anything new, and if you haven't jumped on the preloved-train since becoming a parent, you're about to save a bucket load of coin. You never know, we might just instil a few good spending habits in them on the way


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